Best Friends - If You Think Too Much Your Brain Will Fall Out


What beautiful day, it’s a day for beers and Best Friends. Far Out can happily oblige and provide you with our wonderful Track of the Day ‘ If You Think Too Hard Your Brain Will Fall Out’.

The track does what it says on the tin and provides us 2 minutes and 7 seconds of frivolous rock and roll  ferocity. The Sheffield band have long been brandishing this kind of weapon against the doldrums of drum machine and the mind-numbing irreverence of home counties pseudo-psyche but this latest sword is altogether sharper and tinged with delicious, sticky pop.

Taken from the soon-to-be-released Hot. Reckless. Totally Insane which will be released on July 4th via Fat Cat Records. As the band are set to support Nai Harvest in the forthcoming days they look set to further develop their reputation as ‘the fun and the furious part 4’.

That’s what are Best Friends are for, getting out of your mind, shouting in each other’s ears and shuffling your feet until you burn holes in your underwear.

I am no liar but my pants are sure on fire.

Jack Whatley