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(Credit: Berry Galazka)


Berry Galazka shares 'Marisa'

Berry Galazka has just announced her debut EP, the awesomely titled Man Can’t Hang, Ain’t Part of the Gang, and has released her second single, ‘Marisa’.

The song comes on the heels of Galazka’s first single, ‘Man Can’t Hang’. That one was a delightfully weird hip hop-pop hybrid with a gigantically hooky chorus that burrows its way in your subconscious and arises in the most mundane of circumstances. In fact, I thought of it while doing the dishes today.

‘Marisa’ follows a similar trajectory: a loopy childlike beat that immediately cuts to lyrics about choking the titular kid out on the playground and gaining a bad reputation that never quite goes away. But is Galazka repentant about her past? Hell no! “Taught me a lesson/That last my whole life/You bite me and/Imma bite you twice.”

“I had a bully and my mom told me to meet violence with violence and stand up for myself,” Galazka explained in a press release. “I was a super quiet and shy kid so when I snapped on the playground at eight years old and choked her up against the wall, my classmates were shocked.”

Her classmates might have been shocked, but at least Galazka’s mom was proud of her. “My mom was super proud of me and Marisa never picked on me again.” See, happy ending!

Gleefully vulgar and cloyingly catchy, ‘Marisa’ is another memorable single from the Polish-American newcomer currently based in London. It will be exciting to see what kind of material comprises Man Can’t Hang. Its title track focuses on the fragility of male ego, and it’s follow up is a mission statement that Galazka has been swinging since grade school. The rest of the tracks better be some pretty hard shit to top what she’s already thrown out there, and I bet Galazka steps up.

Check out the video for ‘Marisa’ down below. Man Can’t Hang, Ain’t Part of the Gang is due for release on May 7th.