Berlin nightclubs are turning into overnight shelters for homeless people

Berlin’s bitter winters can be harsh, the place quickly becomes a ghost town on a night with people choosing to keep warm inside. For the city’s homeless this isn’t an option, many have to fight the biting cold weather, whilst trying to get some rest. Several nightclubs in Berlin are joining together to combat this in the Kreuzberg-Friedrichshain.

In January and February the clubs, Astra Kulturhaus and Bi Nuu will cut into their concert schedules to open their doors to the cities homeless. They will provide a warm place to sleep during the coldest months of the year. This charitable mood is something that has caught the eyes and ears of many and will hopefully be a move that can help the homelessness on our streets.

As inner-city parks are increasingly becoming camp sites for homeless, politicians grapple for on how to combat this growing issue. Although Berlin has no official statistics to gauge the number of homelessness in the city, it is believed the figure of homeless people on the streets of Berlin is in excess of 10,000 and these scenes showcase an issue that seems to be ever increasing.

Police have approached homeless people and warned them on impending actions and taken identifications. In such places as Kreuzberg district, the issue seems to be growing. In the spirit of Christmas this year a couple of local clubs alternative solution to this ever growing issue is in keeping with Berlin’s spirit of community that seems to be at the heart of this forward-thinking city.

Sara Luhmann, a spokesperson for the district where the two nightclubs are located, told Der Tagesiegel: “It’s great when nightclubs make such offers and take on social responsibility.”

“We are happy about every additional offer to further expand the number of cold weather places.”