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Benjamin Booker shares new single 'Right On You'

The gravel-voiced punk, Benjamin booker, has delivered yet another change of sound as his new album Witness promises to be more eclectic but with the same social message. The new track is ‘Right On You’ can be heard right here.

A song about the “selfish, lonely, hedonistic nature of modern life where death is ‘right on you’ but ‘hard to imagine'”, strikes the same chord as his previous album; an unapologetic look at the trials and tribulations of the social surroundings. Whilst in Mexico City, Booker was flooded with a series of police brutality claims in the US while writing his new album. It led him to state that the new album, which lands on june 2nd, asks two questions “‘Am I going to be a Witness?’ and in today’s world, ‘Is that enough?'”

A poignant message, and luckily it is delivered with Booker’s famous vocal and added to by a psych-tinged punk sound which befits the title of the track. It marks an evolution of Booker’s classic garage/blues sound but not a departure from his over-arching message. A triumph then.