Benjamin Booker Reveals New Short Film 'The Future Is Slow Coming'


Benjamin Booker is very loved in these parts. His punk influenced blues has long drawn out the madness and melancholy in the office but his new double length video ‘The Future is Slow Coming’ marks him as the artists and visionary we all know him to be.

We’ve all got iPhones and are talking about taking people to Mars, but look at how much we haven’t changed. The ‘future,’ a time when all this violence and hatred is looked at as barbaric seemed so far away to me.” – Benjamin Booker

Cast as a kind of time traveller Booker re-lives the same day over and over as he explore the racial tensions that we still cannot seem to settle. A music video for ‘Slow Coming’ and ‘Wicked Waters’ it deals effectively with both aspects of the short film and music promo genres, being both cinematic and emphatic in delivery. Pulling at heart strings and delivering the sobering message like a slap to the face. The message is simple: we thought this was the future but we are still treating people like the past.

With the songs taken from his debut eponymous LP and on the back of a fantastic UK tour, this couldn’t come at a better time for Booker. Drawing comparisons between the hit release ‘Selma’ Booker repeats the same acts of violence and discrimination.

Each time getting a little closer to a resolution but still never managing to break the loop. A perfect metaphor for his homeland, which is still facing up to the national issue of race even more poignantly today than ever before.

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Jack Whatley