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Benjamin Booker collaborates with Mavis Staples on new single 'Witness'


Benjamin Booker releases new cut ‘Believe’

We will pretty much devour all of Benjamin Booker’s output. Ok, that sounded weird. But his ability to flit between deep and soulful blues to the energy of his own ragged punk has been spellbinding. He has now released his third track from upcoming album Witness and luckily it proves that we are right to be such fans.

The track ‘Believe’ follows the album’s title number as well as ‘Right on Your’ and shows the thoughtful evolution of Booker.  The track comes alongside a live performance of the song, accompanied by a gospel choir and orchestra, filmed at Providence’s historic Columbia Theatre.

But the main essence of the song, as with all Booker’s work is his incredible vocal. It can garner heat and raw energy as well as a downtrodden squalor, here it is a soaring gravel that we can’t get enough of. ‘Believe’ is another reason to become a Benjamin Booker fan. Like we needed one?