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Benedict Cumberbatch set to star in Paul Greengrass’ latest film ‘The Hood’


Paul Greengrass’ latest movie The Hood has been looking for buyers at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. The alluring project is set to star Benedict Cumberbatch which has no doubt attracted bidders. 

Greengrass, known for his previous work on the Bourne franchise and Captain Phillips, will this time focus his directorial efforts on a film that focuses on peasant revolt. 

Greengrass’ script for the project is set in England in 1381’s Great Rising during which the poor revolted against the government owing to high taxes generated by the Black Death and conflicts with France, as well as unstable leadership. 

When a Royal Official named John Bampton tried to intervene and collect poll taxes in Brentwood, a violent confrontation ensued and this tempestuous trigger kickstarted a widespread uprising. 

Naturally, some of this seems darkly prescient of the current climate, and Greengrass will no doubt draw on this similarity to give his film an air of satire. 

Little else is known about the specifics of the script but it is believed that Cumberbatch will star as a farmer who becomes a leader in the revolt. However, with the film attracting many curious production houses, further details will no doubt soon follow. 

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