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Watch behind the scenes footage of Ana de Armas in James Bond film ‘No Time to Die

Ana de Armas has experienced a meteoric rise to the very top of Hollywood after making the move to Los Angeles. When she travelled to the US, she had a very limited knowledge of English but her stature within popular culture has continued to grow through her performances in films such as War Dogs and Blade Runner 2049 among others.

Recently, she starred in the latest James Bond film No Time to Die which marked the final performance of Daniel Craig as the iconic spy. It is every aspiring actor’s dream to be involved in a high-profile project such as a James Bond production and, from the looks of it, it seems like Ana de Armas is on her way to greater success.

In an interview, de Armas claimed that the initial plans for No Time to Die actually did not incorporate her character at all. In fact, it was the film’s director Cary Joji Fukunaga who decided to write her character into the plot after having a conversation with the actress because he really wanted de Armas to star in his film.

While talking about the first drafts of the screenplay and how her character came into existence, de Armas said: “This character, I think it didn’t exist in the film. It was just [through] talking to Cary that he really wanted me in the movie. And they just made it happen. So I was in the conversation a long time before it became real.”

According to de Armas, she actually filmed the scenes for No Time to Die while simultaneously working on the production of the Netflix biopic Blonde where she will star as another iconic actress who became a global icon – Marilyn Monroe. The difference between the two roles became a huge challenge for her.

“It was kind of crazy, because the physicality of the two characters are so different, and their mind-set,” de Armas said in an interview while talking about the disparity. “I’ve never done such intense work and research and preparation as I did with Marilyn. I have never done — or will do — anything like it ever again.”

Ana de Armas also revealed that the schedules for the two productions were extremely tight which meant that she had to film the scenes for No Time to Die while having the physicality required to play Marilyn Monroe in the Netflix biopic. Addressing the challenge, she joked: “So I will be a Bond girl with a Marilyn Monroe body.”

Watch behind the scenes footage of No Time to Die below.