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Beck is back with summer sizzler 'Dear Life'

Beck is always one to bounce back. Following 2014’s slightly somber and more melancholy album Morning Phase Beck was always going to come back with something with a bit of bounce to it. He done just that with new track ‘Dear Life’.

The track, lifted form upcoming new album Colors is a kaleidoscopic party pounder and hints at the new album being infused with the same vigour as previous efforts.

Bouncing piano propells the track forward and the party atmosphere doesn’t stop there as you’re invite in to the soiree with the infectious “la la la”s that permeate the ending.

But in true Beck style, not all is as it seems with the lyrical content of the song being less soiree and more Jean-Paul Sartre, as Beck deals with life as an expansive void. This wonderful mix of light and dark is what people have come to love about Beck. The juxtaposing values last seen on Modern Guilt are now here for all to see again.

A certain kind of Beck is back.