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Credit: Raph PH


Beck admits that unreleased work "probably" destroyed in Universal fire


With the release of his new record Hyperspace, Beck has been answering questions about his work past and present. One such question has seen the singer muse that some unreleased full albums have “probably” been lost in the Universal fire of 2008.

During an interview with The Syndey Morning Herald, the singer feared that a lot of his music had been lost in the fire and his management wasn’t telling him to avoid breaking the terrible news that much may have been lost in the 2008 accident.

He said to The Herald that his management “still won’t tell me what was lost,” continuing “I have a feeling that my management is not telling me because they can’t bear to break the news.” One record that has “probably gone” is Beck’s double album of solo Hank Williams covers which he put together in 2001. He also worried that a handful of full albums had also been destroyed as well as outtakes from Sea Change as well as an entire album he made with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion from ’95.

He said, “I went to Nashville on tour for two days and cut a country album that never got released,” he said. “I have rock albums I did in the 1990s. Before I did Odelay, I went and tried to make an indie-rock album, so there’s an album that sounds like a Pavement, Sebadoh kind of thing. … Nobody’s telling us anything.”

Beck is another name on the list of those affected by the warehouse fire. Nirvana, R.E.M., Hole, Nine Inch Nails, John Coltrane, and so many others were also reportedly affected.