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(Credit: Shawn Brackbill)


Beach House provide the soundtrack for new short film 'Marin's Dreams'


Beach House, the spacey and gothic dream pop duo from the great state of Maryland, have provided the soundtrack for art collective Meow Wolf’s new short film, Marin’s Dream.

The short film, a surrealist take on the high school experience, is part of Meow Wolf’s current Las Vegas exhibit Omega Mart. “It was kind of a no-brainer for us. Anything immersive fits with us. We’re interested in fully delving into the realm of feeling,” keyboardist Alex Scally explained.

“It was such a cool idea, and for us, it’s a fun break from the normal way we make music,” singer Victoria Legrand added. “We’re so used to working just the two of us that it’s really fun to collaborate.”

Beach House have been relatively quiet since the release of 2018 record 7 and its accompanying transatlantic tour. According to Scally, the soundtrack work has been a refreshing change for the band.

“We feel slightly controlled and confined by the song-album-tour cookie-cutter thing that is being a professional musician. Not complaining at all, but it was a relief to spend some time working outside of that,” Scally said. “If anything, it made us want to do that more in the future.”

The soundtrack contains all the elements you would expect from a Beach House production: air synths, dense productions, the occasional random noise or sound effect buzz without sacrificing any of the dreamlike qualities of the duo’s signature sound. If the band decides that soundtrack work is their new future, they seem perfectly suited for slightly bizarre works like Marin’s Dream.

Check out Marin’s Dreams down below. If you are interested in Meow Wolf’s Omega Mart exhibit, you can check out the link here. If you’re interested in new material from Beach House outside of Marin’s Dream, you’re shit out of luck for right now.