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Beach House share 'Dark Spring' from new album '7'


On May 11th, Beach House will release their seventh studio album, via Sub Pop, aptly titled 7. It’s a long anticipated record for their fans and for critics alike, who lick their lips at the thought of another Beach House LP to lose themselves in.

To make our mouths water a little more the band have followed ‘Dive’ and ‘Lemon Glow’, their previous singles, with this brand new track ‘Dark Spring’ which acts as the album’s opener and ironically, as their latest track, a perfect gateway to the band for anyone who has never heard them before.

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Having spent so much of their career being likened to early dream pop acts such Slowdive and Cocteau Twins, ‘Dark Spring’ is the closest the band have come to resembling these acts sonically, while still adding their own twist on proceedings.

Being Beach House, as they are, the band have also shared a new video to accompany the track and it is, as one would imagine, a stunning affair. Shot in black and white it’s attention to detail is impeccable and the movement of the lifeless is wonderfully depicted.

All things considered, as we wait for the vinyl fairies to drop 7 on our doorstep this album is shaping up to be the career-defining record we all anticipate.