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Credit: Beach Bunny


Beach Bunny team up with Tegan and Sara for 'Cloud 9'


Beach Bunny have teamed up with pop-rock stalwarts Tegan and Sara for a new version of their summery track ‘Cloud 9’, the closing track to last year’s awesome debut LP Honeymoon.

Not that anyone should feel bad for me, because I have a wonderful job that allows me to sit on my ass and judge others with snarky aplomb without having to face any major consequences, but sometimes I get frustrated trying to find new ways to describe music. Everyone knows what rock and punk and pop and electronic and rap music sounds like, so the trick is coming up with new angles to attack from and to form a narrative around.

That’s not what I’m doing here. ‘Could 9’ just rocks. It hits me in my musical sweet spot: catchy and fun, bright and loud, fast and memorable. But more than anything else, I like it without thinking about it too much. It feels like a song that if I hold it too tight, I lose what makes it special. It’s a love song, it’s a rock song, and it’s just over two minutes long. It doesn’t waste any time, it has no fat attached to it, and I could listen to it ten times in a row without getting tired of it.

Beach Bunny have a ton of music that sounds bright and bold: the Pool Party EP, ‘Dream Boy’, ‘Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)’, ‘Sports’. The band lies somewhere between pop-punk and indie rock, constantly uptempo and exciting while still providing enough lyrical heft and dynamic shifts to keep your attention.

They are remarkably consistent as a band, and I’ll be interested in seeing if they take a left turn musically in the future, but for right now, I just love listening to their thrashing bubblegum rock.

Check out the audio for ‘Cloud 9’ featuring Tegan and Sara down below.