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Credit: Beach Bunny


Beach Bunny release new holiday song 'Christmas Caller'


Welcome officially to the Christmas season. With holidays like Thanksgiving and Hanukkah now in the rearview mirror (Google tells me Kwanzaa starts after December 25th), it’s now officially time to get a tree, put up some decorations, and start panicking about what gifts to get people. That means its also officially open season for Christmas music!

It takes a bold secular artist to plant their flag in the world of Christmas music. Most just knock out a cover of a classic holiday tune and call it a day, but it takes a special kind of songwriter to write their own. The best kinds of these songs usually use the season as a backdrop for non-traditional song of the season, like Joni Mitchell’s ‘River’ or The Rolling Stones’ ‘Winter’.

Others go in head first and attempt to make their own additions to the classic Christmas canon, like the Ramones and ‘Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want to Fight Tonight)’ or Wham’s ‘Last Christmas’. Sia, meanwhile, put out an entire album of new Christmas classics in 2017 titled Everyday is Christmas that I unabashedly love.

It’s a festive party to join, and American indie rockers Beach Bunny have just stepped up with their own addition to this new tradition with their new holiday song ‘Christmas Caller’.

Taking the band’s singular mix of pop, rock, and punk sounds with some jingle-jangle of the Xmas season, ‘Christmas Caller’ is another one of the “not really a Christmas song” Christmas songs where the season provides a structure to talk about something a little less merry. In this case, singer Lili Trifilio touches on a fractured relationship that uses traditional holiday greetings as a middle ground to work out some more difficult issues.

It’s a smart idea, considering the not everyone is always in the Christmas spirit around the holiday season. Sometimes people are separated, whether by choice or by circumstance, during the time when you should be with your loved ones. The sense of longing and regret is strong in ‘Christmas Caller’, which makes it a welcome alternative to the more straightforward Christmas songs of the past few decades.

Check out the audio for ‘Christmas Caller’ down below.