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(Credit: ABC Television)

Listen to The Beach Boys' Mike Love cover the Ramones song ‘Rockaway Beach’


Mike Love, the singer-songwriter best known as being a founding member of iconic group The Beach Boys, has put his own unique spin on a punk classic by the Ramones.

The song, originally written by Ramones bassist Dee Dee Ramone, was created after the punk icon was major influenced by surf rock bands and, more specifically, the track was written in the style of the Beach Boys.

Now, to take the relationship full circle, Mike Love has put his own spin on the track as part of his new album 12 Sides Of Summer which was released in July earlier this year. “It felt so natural to sing it,” Love told Billboard of the cover version.

“It fits beautifully in the Beach Boys surfing song genre. Not only is it a great song, it’s also right in my vocal range. It’s almost as if it was designed for me to sing, and that’s why I am so eager to play it live.”

Have a listen, below.

Elsewhere on 12 Sides Of Summer, Beach Boys’ very own Mike Love covers the likes of Abba song ‘On and On and On’,  The Beatles classic ‘Here Comes the Sun’, Dave Clark Five’s “Over and Over’ and more.

See the full tracklist, below

12 Sides of Summer Tracklist

1. “California Beach”
2. “It’s OK”
3. “Surfin’”
4. “California Sun”
5. “Surfin’ Safari”
6 On and On and On”
7. “Here Comes the Sun”
8. “Girl from Ipanema”
9. “Over and Over and Over Again”
10. “Keepin’ the Summer Alive”
11. “Summertime Blues”
12. “Rockaway Beach”