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(Credit: Callum Harrison)


Beabadoobee releases new EP with The 1975

Beabadoobee - 'Our Extended Play'

English indie rock wunderkind Beabadoobee has released a new extended play with her label mates The 1975, helpfully titled Our Extended Play.

We got our first taste of the EP in the form of the single ‘Last Day on Earth’, which saw the singer milking her ’90s fetishism to maximum effect. Now, we get three more tracks that intended to be a “bridge” between the artist’s debut Fake It Flowers and her upcoming second full-length LP.

Our Extended Play sands down some of the more aggressive tones that were found on Fake It Flowers. Instead of saying “kiss my ass” as she did in ‘Dye It Red’, she’s saying “kiss my neck” on ‘Cologne’. Obviously, no one can be pissed off forever, but most of the vitriol that was potent on her earlier material is traded in for smoother edges and poppier sounds here.

Perhaps that comes from 1975 members Matt Healy and George Daniel, who at this point have ascended to grizzled dance-pop veterans. Their production M.O. seems fairly simple: make every guitar and keyboard line sound as polished and playful as possible. The guitars chime and strum with a bright intensity that is always pleasing, but never challenging or particularly aggressive like the best of Beabadoobee’s work.

It’s not all pop though. ‘Animal Noises’ is an acoustic ballad on missing meals and mornings with a former flame. I could hardly believe my ears when I heard the line: “I guess that I’m getting too old,” and I firmly believe that I aged 30 years in the five seconds it took for that lyric to process.

Beabadoobee turned 21 earlier this month, which for another month and a half makes me only a year older than her, and yet if she’s feeling like the prematurely aged one, I don’t even want to go through the implications in my own head that would send me barreling towards an existential quarter life crisis.

All in all, if this is truly the “bridge” that Beabadoobee is making it out to be, then her next album is set to be closer to singer-songwriter pop than grungy indie rock — and that’s perfectly fine. She’s still an exciting young artist who shouldn’t feel the need to repeat herself, especially with a potentially long and prosperous career ahead of her. Our Extended Play isn’t anything groundbreaking, but it’s sure to please fans and newbies alike.

Check out Our Extended Play down below.