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BC Camplight - You Should've Gone to School

Far Out’s Track of the Day this Thursday comes from a man who releases his first album for eight years on Monday.

BC Camplight will unveil How to Die In the North via Bella Union after a struggle that led to him relocating from his home in Philadelphia to the UK’s very own Manchester.

Complete with a brand new band from his latest city of residence, the album’s opener ‘You Should’ve Gone to School’ takes today’s title and maintains the heart and soul of singer-songwriter Brian Christinzio’s homeland, sprinkling a flawless falsetto vocal with heaps of infectious melody and an intriguing  production style that keeps the listener guessing, but constantly engaged.

It’s pop music how it should really be done. Since BC Camplight released Blink of A Nihilist in 2007 there have been stalls, traumas and self-induced stupors. But eventually everything comes to fruition and ‘You Shoud’ve Gone to School’ is where that process really begins.

If you can’t wait until Monday, check back tomorrow for Far Out’s full review of How to Die In the North, released on Bella Union.

Patrick Davies