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Baywaves share brand new track 'Still In Bed'


Possibly the most time appropriate news story ever, Madrid band Baywaves have shared a brand new video and song ‘Still IN Bed’ as they gear up to release their brand new EP and join Hinds on a few dates across the UK.

The tour will see Baywaves join the Hinds girls at two shows. One in Bristol and one in the big smokey capital, on April 18th and 19th respectively. The new EP is likely to be a sun-drenched affair if we are to take this new track as a comprehensive preview.

The EP ‘It’s Been Like’ is due for release on May 18th and could be a summery gem waiting to be a polished. ‘Still In Bed’ is a hazy nostalgic trip down to the beach, filled with sand between your toes and the promise of an evening never ending if we were all to just stay in bed.

Take a listen below.