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Bataclan survivor sends emotional message of support to the people of Manchester

Serge Maestracci,  a survivor of the devastating terror attack which unfolded at the Bataclan music venue in Paris in 2015 has sent an emotional message to the people of Manchester.

On Monday evening a blast inside a Manchester music venue killed 22 people – many of which included young children – and injured 59 more after suicide bomber named as Salman Abedi detonated the fatal homemade device at the end of a Ariana Grande concert.

Father of two Serge Maestracci, who suffered a similar trauma when 89 people were killed during the Paris attacks of 2015, has sent a message of hope to the UK.

“My name is Serge Maestracci, I was there on November 13 at the Bataclan, I was lucky enough to make it out of the attack alive.

“I wanted to express my support and encouragement to the people of Manchester who just suffered a similar attack in which many people died, young people, I really want to say to them, with all my heart, Manchester: we are with you, don’t give in to panic.

“We continue to live our lives as we desire and we wish them to be, in democracy and in freedom, and that we shouldn’t let ourselves be defeated, literally, by those terrorists who wish us harm, voila.”