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Bat For Lashes shares the classic '80s movies that inspired the new album

In a brand new interview with The Guardian, Bat For Lashes has shared the iconic ’80s movies that inspired much of their new album. It turns out that classic Sunday flicks The Lost Boys, E.T. and The Goonies all helped inspire her latest.

Bat for Lashes, AKA Natasha Khan, opened up about the inspirations behind her upcoming album Lost Girl? and it appears as though her inspiration for her new record was developed a lot during her time in America.

“I was developing a script for a film called The Lost Girls. It was heavily influenced by ’80s children’s films and vampire films, many set in Portland and California,” Khan explained. “But as the songs progressed, I felt like I was writing the film soundtrack. Music does tend to overtake film ideas, as it comes out much more easily.

“The Lost Boys, obviously, is a close link, and seeing LA’s hazy sunsets is making me think of films like ET and The Goonies. Moving to LA, I’ve basically been plonked inside the sets of all the films I loved as a kid.”

Elsewhere in the new interview, Khan also shared her doubts on whether she would make another album. Khan explained: “I had moved away from London, where I’d lived for seven years, and finished my contract with EMI. My plan initially was to go to Los Angeles to focus on scriptwriting and doing music for film. The first song on the album, Kids in the Dark, was actually written for a Stephen King TV series [Castle Rock] – but the music supervisor Charles [Scott] and I had such a good time that we decided to keep meeting.

“I didn’t even know whether I was going to make an album again – I wanted to have a real break and leave everything behind me. And so when this album started happening, it was sort of a secret – and nobody really knew about it until it was nearly done.”