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Credit: Banksy/Instagram


A provocative Banksy Christmas nativity scene has shown up in a Bethlehem hotel


The mercurial street artist Banksy has been a prolific creator of late and a new piece has now popped up in a Bethlehem hotel.

The piece is a nativity scene that has been dubbed the ‘Scar of Bethlehem’ and is a direct attack on the humanitarian conduct of Israel. The model shows Jesus in his manger being loomed over by Israel’s separation barrier.

The barrier has been erected to prevent terrorist attacks, says Israel while Palestine claim that it is another measure to try and grab more land. The International Court of Justice has called it illegal.

Above the scene, the barrier has been pierced by a blast and creates the shape of the star while the messages of “love” and “peace” appear in graffiti something Banksy calls a “modified nativity set”.

See the images from Banksy’s Instagram below.