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(Credit: Unsplash)

Bandcamp launch vinyl pressing service


Bandcamp is launching a vinyl pressing service to make it easier for artists to get their music issued to wax.

The crowdfunding service is aimed to allow artists and labels to raise money in order to press vinyl, taking away the upfront investment and, ultimately, the risk.

The system will follow the similar models laid out by Kickstarter and Indiegogo, allowing artists and labels to crowdfund the money to release the records. Once the target has been reached, Bandcamp will handle pressing and shipping.

“The new service eliminates risk, since fans’ orders finance the pressing, rather than the artist or label,” Bandcamp says. “It eliminates hassle, since we press the records, print the packaging, and ship to fans (and fulfill digital too).”

The music streaming service also claim that they have teamed up with a respected manufacturer with “over 60 years experience producing vinyl” for the project.

All design elements, pricing and profit margins will be determined by the artist at the beginning of the crowdfunding process.