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Deers - Bamboo / Trippy Gum


Deers are some rad Madrid based chicas who have just released their debut AA single, ‘Bamboo / Trippy Gum’ via Lucky Numbers.

One fairly average Madrid afternoon in March, pals Ana Garcia Perrote and Carlotta Cosials disappeared into their rehearsal/recording space, and stepped out clutching two of the most perfectly ramshackle pop songs you’re like to hear this summer.

‘Bamboo’ cuts like an arrow to the heart with their ’60’s pop sounds, cantering rhythm and guitars twanging with tremelo as they effortlessly interpolate each others vocals instinctively: “I need you to feel like a man when I give you all I am. I know you’re not hungover today, you are classifying your cassettes”

With their divergent vocal styles, the pair still manage complement each other effortlessly and, as the title suggests, second track ‘Trippy Gum’ follows suit offering a more psyche edge in comparison to its predecessor, ‘Bamboo’.

One month after recording the single, bass player Ade Martin and drummer Amber Grimbergen joined Ana and Carlotta for their first live show, to a sold out Madrileos crowd.  Deers made their debut London appearance at Sebright Arms last Monday.