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Bad Lungs make themselves known with 'The DTs'


Please make yourself known to brand new London rippers Bad Lungs. The new quintet coming out of the capital with your noose between their teeth and a point to prove are taking fucking names.

With a vicious phaser soaked howl ala territorial pissings from singer Tom Howlett, comes the band’s debut single ‘The DTs’ a rapid firing gunk-punk attack about the ‘Delirium Tremens’ aka alcohol withdrawals. Firing and mouthing off with an adolescent sneer you woulda liked on your 80s matchbox singles or early Horrors releases.

However if you’re not living in the past here, this is real fast and heavy garage rock played by a ripping five piece, there’s creepy B-movie keyboards giving that b-52s vibe while the heavy and hard guitars stomp around like Ty Segall in the Slaughterhouse era of records, cake these distorted layers on to some powerhouse drumming from Chris Britain and you’ll be making bets this song is going to careen and crash on to just about any stage and turntable in no time

Keeping it punk AF and making their first step like the Buzzcocks, Bad Lungs are self releasing and pressing this record, so dig deep in to your pockets and feel good about parting with your fivers so you can keep these kids on the road rocking and cutting records.

Who knew the young upstarts were gonna be so into startups? Only this time it’s not for another dating app or a prison themed pop up bar. Go to the release show, buy something you can hold and play and rock out to, you know like we used to?