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(Credit: Bachelor)


Bachelor share new track 'Sick of Spiraling'


Brand new indie rock band Bachelor, the duo project by Jay Som’s Melina Duterte and Parelhound’s Ellen Kempner, have given us another preview of their upcoming debut LP Doomin’ Sun with the release of the song ‘Sick of Spiraling’.

“Sick of Spiraling is one of the last songs we wrote and recorded together in Topanga,” the duo say in a press release. “Both of us initially tried to play drums on the song but the groove wasn’t right so we enlisted help from James Krivchenia. He came over for a day and drummed on a few songs on the record, he really brought this song to life with his unique style. Ellen had the riff in her voice memos for a while and had originally imagined it as a slow kinda melancholic song. Once we got together and listened back to the riff we heard it a whole new way as an upbeat driving song. After that Ellen wrote lyrics inspired by driving on tour and the rush and anxiety of being completely untethered and unprotected on the open road.”

The palpable sense of menace is established with the opening lines “Walking alone at night/Clutching a cheap gas station knife/But the danger is in the car/Who couldn’t see me, it was too dark”. The near-death hit and run becomes a metaphor for the anxieties of a relationship where the mutual leaning on someone else leaves both parties scared out of their collective minds. This meditation on codependency comes courtesy of a laid back alt-rocker with a guitar line I swear I’ve heard in an episode of Spongebob. The second I heard it, a synapse fired in my brain that hadn’t been fired for at least a decade.

I was a pretty big fan of the band’s previous single, ‘Stay in the Car’, as well as their song ‘Anything At All’, and sure enough, I remain a fan with their newest release.

Check out the official audio for ‘Sick of Spiraling’ down below. Doomin’ Sun will be released on May 28th.