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Baby Strange - Friend


Are you hungover right now? Desperately grasping for the saviour water to dispel your dry sour mouth? Well, Baby Strange, those punks from Glasgow, are here to shake you from your bed, slap a pair of Ray Bans on your face, put a tinnie in your hand and some speed up your nose as they take us back to the seventies with their relentless new track Friend. 

Friend is out now and is sounding like Joey Ramone and Joe Strummer vomited into the same modern bowl, Friend is as scum filled and fast paced as you would hope. Not caring for delicate instrumentals or indeed any kind of subtlety, Baby Strange have been mixing fuzzy riffs with banging drums and peddling this new age punk to every ugly face that will listen. Turns out, there’s a lot of them.

‘Goodbye to my friend, i never wanna see her round here again!” – Baby Strange

While the nation seems to be saturated with Home Counties psych Baby Strange have decided to drop the facade and hit us right between the eyes with a 2 minute and 8 second bullet designed to free the mind with riff after raucous riff.

Brothers Aidan and Connaire McCann as well as Johnny Madden first came to our attention with Pure Evil an equally delectable slice of punk pie and Friend is no different. Baby Strange have a clear ethos devoted to no-holds-barred guitars and shameless lyrics as they don’t look to compete with the snobs of the round musical table but smash a blue tinged, freedom fuelled axe through the aristocratic table.

A classic tale of infantile hatred, a classic case of a broken heart it surely is a classic punk song. Simple, sharp and doesn’t give a shit, we love it.


Jack Whatley