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Baby Strange - Distance Yourself


The Glasweigian trio and Far Out Favourites Baby Strange are at it again with another piece of snarling contemporary punk rock, full of amphetamine sweat and chipped, crooked teeth we have made the luscious and ludicrous Distance Yourself our Track of the Day.

Bouncing with a sinister knowing, the creeping bass slowly makes it’s way to the stomping crescendo of a fairly pop filled chorus, pop via the urine soaked back alleys of Glasgee, of course. This acts as welcome relief from the otherwise darkened notes and bars frequented by this haunted and gaunt band.

A declaration of distrust runs throughout the track however, drawing the line between us and them as lyrics constantly declare ‘They’ as an omnipotent force of Big Brother proportions. One that must be destroyed.

“They’re tryna take our time, They’re tryna take our fun” Baby Strange – Distance Yourself

Screeching guitar flowers in the dirty mud of bass and drums as the B-side movie glamour permeates every note. The underworld seems a fun place with this punk dabbled rock and roll, less aggressive than their last releases Baby Strange are showing a continued maturity of musicianship without losing their verve; an impressive feat we hope continues.

The track really hinges on the chorus which softens an otherwise gruelling set of imagery that is doused in petrol and set alight by a match ignited on the rough stubble of a midnight warrior and boy, oh boy, does it burn.


Jack Whatley