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Baby In Vain sign with Partisan Records and give us 'Martha's View'


To announce the release of their debut EP Baby In Vain have also announced their signing to Partisan Records alongside a huge new track ‘Martha’s View’. If you’re unacquainted with Baby In Vain they’re a trio of troubadours destined to shake your brain to mush with their huge noise. Expect to feel your cerebral cortex dribbling out of your ear as you moronically smile.

The Copenhagen trio are a despicably good band. Having already received plaudits from Thurston Moore and Alison Mosshart, following the heavy hitting ‘Muscles’ released last year, the band are back with a new barnstormer. ‘Martha’s View’ takes a gentler approach but with all the same vigour of the first.

Drummer Benedicte describes the song “selling your house and your kids and then doing some drugs and then selling some drugs and writing huge hits.” The EP title For The Kids is going to be one of the records of the year, out on April 29th, make sure you set a reminder to pick this oen up. If you need any further reasoning as to why then sample the below at will.