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Baby In Vain share new video for single 'Muscles'


Ever wondered what a band made up of female grunge inspired Jack Whites would sound like? You needn’t look any further. Baby In Vain are here and their blistering track ‘Muscles’ is here to tear your fucking face off.

It’s all about the Danes at the moment. If it isn’t their liquorice, it’s their intense programming (which I swear mainly consists of people in wool knit jumpers staring pensively at forests). If it’s not their delicious bacon it’s their incredible bands. Incredible bands they have aplenty. So with Yung, Less Win and Iceage all leading the way Baby In Vain are proving they aren’t exactly slackers..

The band have a US tour with The Kills coming up and you can see why Hince and Mosshart want them on the road. They are a younger, more energetic and slightly more sadistic version of the duo. The Danish trio tear in to songs with the ferocity of the pitbull and the cunning of Lord Cunnington.

‘Muscles’ is well crafted and culturally perfect as it straddles the line between punk/grunge/blues/stadium rock all in one neat little parcel of tortured riffs and heavy, pounding drums. The music is so on-point that you forget the slightly odd set-up of two guitarists and one drummer, but their muscianship speaks above all that clatter.

Complete with lyrics that will melt your brain the band should be the biggest thing to come out of Denmark since the ugly fucking duckling.

Keep your eyes peeled for these girls, you won’t wanna turn your back for too long.
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