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Babe Club share retro pop anthem ‘Automatic Love’

Babe Clup - 'Automatic Love'

Charleston duo Babe Club have continued to carve out their own unique brand of retro-pop with their latest single ‘Automatic Love’, a delicious throwback that we can all enjoy.

Despite only being together for less than two years, the band have already managed to distinguish their very own sound in that time which has begun to turn heads as Jenna Desmond and Corey Campbell delightfully deliver a gorgeous tonic for these dystopian times we find ourselves. ‘Automatic Love’ also saw the duo team up with Grouplove’s Daniel Gleason who took up production duties on the track and sprinkled a little bit of his magic dust all over it.

The track is deliberately eerie and despite the retro sonic feel to it, lyrically speaking ‘Automatic Love’ deals with how technology is changing relationships and not for the better. The song tackles how the love we receive from when our phones ping, an addiction that is changing how we continue our daily lives.

“Automatic Love’ is about watching your partner have an affair,” the band noted. “It’s about the darkness you get pulled into when you realise your partner is more interested in spending time on their phone than spending it with you. This was the first of many songs that we recorded with Dan and TJ at Big Trouble in Atlanta,” they then added.

Babe Club’s new track also features as an episode of Far Out Magazine’s new Facebook series ‘Emerging Sounds’, a project which shines a light on some of the best new music that’s simmering under the radar right now.

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