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B.B. King Live


We were all saddened to hear of the great B.B. King’s death yesterday. One of the greatest musical souls of the 20th century and most likely all time. His undeniable passion and charisma intertwined with a deep musicianship and urge to be part of the scene. Thing is, he was the fucking scene.

Born Riley B. king (B.B. King is short for Blues Boy King) he started his musical career with singing in church and making his way in the world. He grew up to drive a tractor around playing guitar at churches and first found fame playing on Sonny Boy Williams’ radio show.

King then went on to steadily release the blues we know and love managing to craft songs that were inspiring, melancholy and joyful in their existence, but his unbelievable commitment is what will last forever.

Nothing shows off the Father of Blues better than his live performances, and no better performance than his part in the performances at Sing Sing Prison in 1972. Below is a snippet of the power and personality he had. You can watch the whole film here

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