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(Credit: A24)


A’Ziah King criticises A24 over awards exclusion


Released in 2021, Zola was the first film in cinema history to be adapted from the words of a Twitter thread, with the 143 entry-long tale hashtagged #TheStory depicting the saga of a stripper whose life spirals out of control after getting involved with the wrong crowd. A’Ziah King, who was the writer of this original 2015 thread, has since come out in criticism against the film and the production company A24 for excluding her from the film’s award recognition. 

Credited as an executive producer on the film as well as the original writer, King called out the production company on Twitter where she wrote, “I think it’s hilarious ZOLA is up for seven awards and no one thought to invite me nor include me IN the writers award category”. Whilst King had no part in the writing of the screenplay, the script itself is directly based on her own experiences, adding, “As if there would’ve been a film or a script to write if I didn’t um… write it? The most of any film this year and any film A24 has EVER made”.

Frustrated at her lack of representation, King added in a continued Twitter thread, “‘Y’all full of shit. Honestly. I think it’s HILARIOUS everyone else is on my television promoting and speaking on my experience as if it’s their moment and not a moment I created for us all…my intellect, trauma and talent is being overshadowed and hijacked”. 

Starring Taylour Paige and Riley Keough with supporting performances from Nicholas Braun and Colman Domingo, Zola is a frenetic tale for the Gen-Z era, constantly making references back to its social media origins. Hours after venting her frustrations on Twitter, King stated that she had now received a pair of tickets for the upcoming event, with A24 yet to publicly respond to her complaints.