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AUTOBAHN reveal 'Society' video


If you wanted another reason to be spun around by AUTOBAHN and their deep, pulsing post-punk then the video for the latest release from debut LP Dissemble out now on Tough Love, is likely to make you go dizzier than a toddler with sherbet up its nose.

Smoke and sparklers distort your vision while the Northern drawl pours across the sonics and leaves you feeling at parts cold and at parts ready for war. It fits with the dark edge that permeates the bands aura and leaves us wanting more.

Director Sam Wiehl: “We wanted to create a performance video with AUTOBAHN – live they have really good intensity and we wanted to capture that. Craig is a really charismatic front man so it really worked with him singing in to camera and creating a dialogue with the viewer and also adding to the tension of the track. We were also interested in the movements of a small crowd – using this as an illustration and capturing the energy and interaction of being at a show.”