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Autobahn are back with brand new album 'The Moral Crossing'

Leeds post-punks Autobahn have finally returned, armed with the frenetic first single and title track of their upcoming second album, The Moral Crossing. 

Not resting on their laurels given the success of the debut album, Autobahn took the unprecedented move of vacating their practice room – a room that doubled as a hardcore/punk venue – in order to build their own creative space from scratch in Holbeck, Leeds’ ‘red light district’.

“The first album hinted at emotion and feeling, but this record encapsulates that from the offset,” singer Craig Johnson said. “The melancholic aspect of our music is often offset by an aggressive dissonance, but to me there’s also a romantic side to what we do, which isn’t always clear because of the 100mph drive of the band. That’s what we are exploring with this new album.

In period of 12 months Autobahn managed to build a new practice studio, write a full album and teach themselves to record it on their own. “I was down there nearly every night,” Johnson recalls. “It was pretty horrible at times, but worth the pain to have control over everything. We’ve had the chance to create the sound we want, at times it’s more melancholic, and romantic.”

Mixed in New York by Ben Greenberg for his work with the Sacred Bones label and self-produced by the band themselves, here’s the first taste.

‘The Moral Crossing’, Far Out’s Track of the Day: