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Austin Butler’s favourite Elvis Presley song

Having taken on the role of the King of rock and roll, Elvis Presley, it seems only fitting that Austin butler should have a fondness for music. The actor’s star turn as Elvis Presley in the recent biopic has seen his talent hit the stratosphere as the world gathers to watch Butler become the King. But which of the songs from Presley’s extensive repertoire is Butler’s favourite? Well, we can almost guarantee it isn’t the one you’re thinking of.

With the release of the Baz Luhrmann biopic Elvis enthralling audiences around the globe, a renewed spotlight is being shone onto the legendary rock and roll pioneer. The endless debates around Presley will seemingly carry on for eternity – the songs, the looks, the entertainment value vs. actual skill, the debt he owes to Black culture. They are all fascinating discussion topics, but the reality is that no one would care to engage with these points if Presley hadn’t somehow remained culturally relevant for more than 70 years.

Despite what Luhrmann’s sensational (and heavily sensationalized) film may or may not say, it all started at Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee on July 18th, 1953. That’s when an unknown 18-year-old Presley walked into the recording studio owned by Sam Phillips and paid four dollars to record a demo. From there, he would deliver on his promise of being the King of rock and roll, again and again, becoming the world’s first pop star in the process.

A run of sensational singles, unstoppable radio play and the kind of hysteria that one might currently see in the world of K-Pop, Elvis quickly became an icon in music. Throughout the 1950s and on to the 1960s, the draw of Elvis was hard to darken. However, as the new faces of rock and roll emerged from the 1960s, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones quickly emerged as new fan favourites for teenagers, the dimming star of Elvis simply found a new galaxy to be in.

Throughout the 1970s, Elvis would still release singles and draw huge crowds to his shows in Las Vegas. He was now content to feather his nest with the adoration of his longtime fans, rarely challenging himself beyond breakfast. However, it is from this era that Austin Butler picked his favourite song from Elvis Presley.

During an interview alongside Tom Hanks, who also stars in the movie, Butler confessed that he always tried to avoid answering, which was his favourite Elvis song, “I can never answer that question,” he protested. However, when pushed, he admitted that ‘I’ve Got A Feeling in My Body’ was his ultimate favourite. “It just makes me so happy, and it was one of those songs I didn’t know he sang,” Butler continued. The first time I heard it, I thought, ‘this is Elvis?’ It defined a moment of me discovering new Elvis music that I never knew existed,” the actor concluded.

It’s likely that most Elvis fans would select another song as their favourite, but considering how intimately Butler got to know the star, perhaps now is a good time to revisit his song ‘I’ve Got A Feeling in My Body’.