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(Credit: ShitKid)


Attitude, ahoy! Shitkid have a debut album and a new track ‘Tropics’

Having released her second ep just this month you’d maybe expect Åsa Söderqvist to be ready to take a rest but no. The artist, more commonly known as Shitklid has instead announced her debut LP Fish which will be out in June. She’s even shared the woozy lead single ‘Tropics’.

The song has the typical menacing nonchalance we have come to associate with the Swede and it meanders across the punk and electro laylines until it finally settles in Shitkid corner. A place not many other artists come close to with her snarling energy and competent composure. Something effortlessly shown in the accompanying video directed by bandmate Linda Hedström.

She said this of the video shoot “We shot the video in just under a day in an intimate shoot between us as an artist and a director,” the duo said to NPR. “We’re two close friends, so we used locations that are natural for us, such as the Gothenburg archipelago and my own home.”