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Asia Argento apparently pays off Child Actor after an alleged sexual assault

Film star and one of the first voices to speak about the Harvey Weinstein cases, Asia Argento, has been accused of paying off Child actor Jimmy Bennet after allegedly sexually assaulting the actor when he was 17.

Despite being one of the first actors to speak out about the monster Harvey Weinstein after she alleged he raped her in 1997 (something Weinstein still denies), Asia Argento has herself been accused of sexual misconduct after it has been brought to light that she paid former-child actor Jimmy Bennet $380,000.

Bennett has made the claims that in May 2013 he met Argento at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Marina Del Rey, California where she allegedly gave him alcohol and had sex with him. At the time, he had only just turned 17, while Argento was 37, the age of consent in California is 18.

Prior to the alleged assault, Bennet had made more than $2 million, but his lawyers claimed after the event took place that Bennet’s work drive dramatically dropped and subsequently began to only make $60k a year.

According to The Times, Argento paid Bennett $380,000 (£298,000), with a letter sent in April confirming the final details of the deal and a payment schedule.

Carrie Goldberg, Argento’s lawyer, reportedly wrote in the letter: “We hope nothing like this ever happens to you again. You are a powerful and inspiring creator and it is a miserable condition of life that you live among shitty individuals who’ve preyed on both your strengths and your weaknesses.”