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Artur Urbanski’s unusual photographs of the earth's outstanding natural beauty


Polish photographer Artur Urbanski went to work on his project ‘Live View’, the work that poses a question many many of us ask ourselves since the rise of the camera phone: “Why do we feel compelled to try to record and preserve a moment of beauty rather than live in it and enjoy?”

“Live View raises questions about photography as a medium used to expand our memory. What we do when we see overwhelming beauty again and again?” Urbanski’s website description reads. “If we spend time taking pictures what will finally be remembered: feelings from the moment, an amazing view or technically recorded image? How long will we remember the original experience?”

This project explores the mindset of people who feel compelled to capture that one moment, that one image.. but for what reason? For whose benefit? One of the pictures exhibited by Urbanski shows over 300 sightseers who travelled to Angkor Wat at 5am on the advised by a guidebook to take ‘the picture of life’ at sunrise. Can people enjoy a moment of natural beauty by overcoming the urge to take a mediocre image on their iPhone? You know the answer.

Below you will find a series of images taken and exhibited by Urbanski as part of his ‘Live View’ project. Photographs have been taken in Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Cambodia, France, India and Switzerland between 2010-2015.

(All images via Artur Urabanski)