A remarkable artist retreat in the Arctic Circle, Norway


Tucked away in the Arctic Circle a collection of nine inspired separate cabins beautifully complement the harsh, rugged and tranquil landscape of Norway’s Fleinvær archipelago.

With the opportunity to totally recluse oneself from the constraints of society, the Arctic Hotel creator and composer Håvard Lund has constructed a striking inspiration spot perched on its own isle and situated 18 miles away from any shops, restaurants or roads—and even then, it’s only approachable by ferry.

Entitled ‘Fordypningsrommet’, the collection describes itself as a “mono-functional cluster of houses” and suggests you bring along 1-12 creatives to submerge themselves in the nine houses, where four are meant for sleep and one is built purposely use as an ‘inspire column’. On top of that, you’ll find one kitchen house, one studio house, one sauna on a pier, and one house cleaning yourself.

“We wanted to push the guests out in nature and the building tradition out there is really small houses,” owner Håvard Lund tells CNN. “So, therefore, we quite quickly ended up with what we named a mono-functional theory of houses.”

The landscape, quite understandably, is the main attraction at Fordypningsrommet. The architecture, designed by the TYIN Tegnestue Architects and their mentor Sami Rintala, has been designed to complement the endless panoramas of sea sky.

“I was raised in this area,” says Lund. “We have the horizon, we have all the mountains of the famous Lofoten archipelago. We have amazing views and therefore also amazing skies.”

“So many people today talk about mindfulness, but this is the base for mindlessness. You come into another state of mind very quick.”

With isolation comes a sense of belonging. Relying on nature, relying on the materials available to you: “We don’t have any cars, no roads, no shops,” says Lund. “So it works very well for people—both for people who are into a piece of work and for people who come out only to relax.”

Fordypningsrommet, like its creative owner, welcomes artists in residence to which people are welcomed to apply online: “I work as a musician and a composer and something happens to you or to all your senses when you come out in the sea,” he says. “Your appetite gets better, you hear better.”

However, where luxury draws tourists, Lund has made it clear that he does not want his collection of houses to become trivial: “We don’t want to be a hotel where people come just because it’s on their bucket list,” he said.

And what’s more inspiring than the Northern Lights?