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(Credit: Khara Woods)


U.K. artists create downloadable art-making activity pack to cure self-isolation boredom


A host of artists such as Antony Gormley and Grayson Perry have joined forces to create a brand new downloadable art-making activity pack to help those struggling with the coronavirus self-isolation.

Alongside Gormley and Perry, the likes of Annie Morris, Gillian Wearing, Harold Offeh, Idris Kahn, Jeremy Deller, Michael Landy, Ryan Gander and Vanley Burke have joined the ‘Art is where the home is’ campaign which is designed to people ideas about how to get creative at home. “Anyone can have a go,” the artists explain. “There are no specialist materials required, plus it’s completely free to download.”

The idea was dreamt up by Sally Shaw, the director at Firstsite, who explained that it brought back memories of her childhood when her mother would give her activity books during the summer holidays: “I was reminded of that as all this stuff was kicking off so I thought, let’s do it,” she told The Guardian.

She added: “I loved it because on every page there was something to do and you could do it with stuff you had around the house. We know lots of artists, let’s make the ultimate artists’ activity pack with all the best people you could possibly think of in it.”

Detailing further: “The mission of Firstsite is to empower people, no matter their background, to be creative together and lead happier and healthier lives—by providing them with new creative opportunities and promoting imaginative responses to contemporary issues,” Shaw explained in an accompanying press release.

“Creating this activity pack is something we are able to do to help support everyone, building a virtual creative community to help combat feelings of isolation and anxiety.”

You can download the first ‘Art is where the home is’ kit here.