A Hotel To Call Home: Armonia, Alonissos, Greece

‘Armonia’, translated as ‘Harmony’ – The quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.

Alonissos, tucked away deep within the Aegean Sea, is quietly hiding its compelling natural charm and miraculously untouched beaches as the third major member of the Sporades.

While the island maintains its traditional sense of belonging, one company has set its sights on adding a little extra class, luxury and inspired thinking to what is already a compelling part of the world. Alfa Collection, a family-run business built with the ethics of Alonissos and the ingenuity of Athens, is set on creating holiday experiences like none other on the island. With a set of luxury villas set in the hills and traditional suites hiding within the old village, Alfa Collection welcomed their newest addition in the shape of Armonia Rooms and Mini Pools. 

While Far Out Magazine toured the island and explored the hidden depths of this Greek island, we retired back to Armonia for relaxation. “Soft, discreet atmospheric overtones pervade through Armonia,” the hotel’s brochure reads. “A brand new unit in the most idyllic location of Alonissos Old Village offering stunning panoramic views of sunrise and sunset,” it continues.

Designed and built by Marily Tsaganou, Armonia’s airy whitewashed interiors and stylish details combined effortlessly with the muted earthy colours. A local spread for breakfast is served in the morning and sleek cocktails and local fine wine take over in the evening. Rooms fit with jacuzzi mini pools offer a moment to cool down while various vantage points across the structure allow panoramic views of sunrise to sunset.

On an island that is wonderfully true to its roots, it is a remarkable accomplishment that Armonia has managed to push the boundaries of exclusivity in such a traditional environment. The structure, built by the local tradesman, is an architectural feat of its own. While this establishment continuously strives for more, it remembers and considers its surroundings. For a true, authentic Greek experience thrust very much into the 21st century, Armonia ticks every box.

View Armonia booking information through their official website and take a glimpse of the images, below.

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