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Ariel Pink continues to wow with ‘Time To Live’


Following the announcement of his upcoming album Dedicated To Bobby Jameson, Ariel Pink has shared the second teaser from the new LP following ‘Another Weekend’. Where that track was full of psyche-tinges the new song ‘Time To Live’ is Ariel Pink in his natural habitat.

That habitat is straight bedroom-pop with a twist of the cut and pasting ambiguity we have come to love from the man. A huge heap of fuzz and noise is penetrated by a catchy funk bassline that allows a bouncing nod of the head to flit towards a Talking Heads sound.

Of the new album Pink had this to say “His book and life resonated with me to such a degree that I felt a need to dedicate my latest record to him,” Pink states.

“We follow the protagonist through a battery of tests and milestones, the first of which sees him reborn into life out of death,” Pink explains, referencing the opening track, “Time to Meet Your God.” “From there, he seesaws his way between the innocent love and the rock-solid edifice of childhood-worn trauma that together constitute his lifelong initiation into the realm of artifice and theatrical disposability.”