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Aretha Franklin's 'Amazing Grace' documentary is coming out after a 46-year wait


A documentary on the life of, the late soul Queen, Aretha Franklin’s life has finally been given the green-light for its premiere after a mammoth 46-year wait. We can’t wait any longer to see this.

Normally when journalists say the phrase “long-awaited” they may a year, possibly two. But Aretha Franklin’s documentary titled Amazing Grace is now ready to see the light after nearly half a century. Originally shot by Sydney Pollack back in 1972, issues had seen the production left alone for countless years. It will now finally premiere at DOC NYC on November 15th with a general release slated for 2019.

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The legendary singer, who sadly passed away back in August, was filmed by the critically acclaimed Sydney Pollack way back in 1972 over two nights at New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles. The scene where Franklin recorded her undoubtedly brilliant ‘Amazing Grace’ live album.

One mistake which has been holding back the premiere of the film was that, however brilliant he was, Pollack had made the crucial mistake of not using clapper boards during the filming. This left the 20 hours of unedited footage as particularly difficult to edit.

But following the acquisition in 2007 by Alan Eliot, the film was only actually finished in 2011 with the help of digital editing equipment.

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“Amazing Grace is the heart and soul of Aretha Franklin,” Sabrina Owens, Franklin’s niece and her estate’s executor said. “Her fans need to see this film, which is so pure and joyous.”

“Aretha’s fans will be enthralled by every moment of the film as her genius, her devotion to God and her spirit are present in every frame,” producer Elliot added later.

Watch the trailer below