Are The Distillers getting back together?


Brody Dalle and Co. were once the toasts of tinseltown’s punk scene. Pulling together a heap of angst with a touch of rotting glamour, the band outgrew their scene and hit the big time.

However, as the band dispersed in 2006, with Dalle going on to form Spinnerette with guitarist Tony Bevilacqua, and then go on to embrace motherhood so affectionately, many had thought the band’s time had passed.

That was until there were a whole hosts of social media accounts set up for the band which were then linked to Dalle’s own accounts and then, as is now customary, The Distillers dropped a teaser clip. All looking good then.

The clip is an atmospheric view of the band’s title track to their Coral Fang LP. It has sparked enough hope in the band’s legion of fans to make sure 2018 looks like it could be another year of snarls.