Are Savages the best band in Britain?


Savages, a band compromised of seemingly ordinary components. Formed in London in 2011. Drums from Fay Milton, Bass provided by Ayse Hassan, guitar comes via Gemma Thompson and vocals are all Jehnny Beth’s. A post punk band, heavily involved in every piece of their art. Usual stuff right? Wrong.

This band are anything but usual. This band are one of the best.

Following the release of their second album Adore Life the follow-up to the furious debut of the band Silence Yourself has seen the quartet transcend their status as a ‘one to watch’ to pretty much the only one worth watching. The latest LP only goes to further improve the band’s image as one of the most heavily involved artists in the industry.

The album uses the best weapons at the disposal of Savages. It uses heavy, pounding drums, which punch like the apocalypse at times (‘I Need Something New’ is testament to that), Thompson’s guitar is still as varied and vitriolic as ever and Beth’s vocals are some of the most equally vulnerable, powerful and utterly theatrical heard on record.

The album gladly, and as a point of difference in today’s ‘cut and paste’ world, plays from front to back as one single piece of work, whilst still providing many standout hits. ‘The Answer’ is a furious and scorn filled track whilst ‘T.I.W.Y.G’ is a booming track of angry revenge.

There are no candy floss love songs, no riot grrrl post-modernism, no escapist flounce – just pure and unbridled passion. Each song from Savages has either an explosion or an implosion at its core and that is something truly worth beholding.

The real skill is being able to do this with authenticity. Savages have it in bucket loads. Their work as unabashed ambassadors for human rights in all forms is admirable but not conceited. You never feel as you’re being cheated or coerced by Savages, everything feels tangible and entirely real.

But what really stands the band apart is their incredible live set. It is not only smashed full of songs that brood with heavy feeling but it is an attack on the senses, an attack entirely welcomed in a world of so many half-arsed bands looking to party and enjoy the lifestyle.

So many bands are happy to let labels take them one way or another, happy for press as long it spreads their name around the industry and happy to just be a part of a scene. Of course, we know you need to be able to adapt yourself to the industry to make any headway, and we aren’t here to condemn bands for doing what they have to do. But Savages are doing it differently.

Savages are their own scene.

Savages are full throttle.

Savages are the best band in Britain.