Are Hinds writing Spain's World Cup song?


So Madrid’s own Hinds have been dropping a lot of hints recently. They’ve taken to social media to raise a few eyebrows with a plethora of posts, which can all be seen below, indicating some new music on the way.

The posts gathered pace and showed the band in the studio with the hashtag #newfor you so we can be pretty confident of some new material on the way.

But what caught our eye was the volume of football related nods. Now, for the sportingly challenged among us, you may not know that we are in a World Cup year and that in the summer the world will descend upon Russia for 2018 World Cup.

You can now see the conclusion we jumped to? Hinds may well be writing the World Cup song for Spain this year and follow in the footsteps of many greats before them. But no matter how badly England perform on the pitch, we can be safe in the knowledge that no World Cup song will ever beat ‘World In Motion’