Are Doves set to make their long-awaited comeback?


It looks as though Doves are about to break their long-awaited hiatus with an emphatic return to music.

The band, who composed of twin brothers Jez and Andy Williams alongside Jimi Goodwin, announced their decision to step away in 2010 having previously secured two number one albums in the four studio records they created.

At the time of their decision to stop, Jimi Goodwin stated: “It’s nice just to have a bit of breathing space… We just wanted to get off that whole album-tour-album-tour treadmill. None of us are ready to face going into the studio for another two years. This is wiping the slate clean, we have nothing else in the vaults now. That is it. Whatever we do from now on will be a new start.”

Away from the band, each member embarked on numerous side solo projects as well as releasing a Doves anthology titled 5 Album Set. However, with eight years already passed since they said goodbye, the band’s loyal following started an online petition which encouraged the band to make a comeback.

Now, it seems, to have worked. The band teased the following message via their official social media accounts: