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(Credit: Jason Persse)

Arctic Monkeys with additional rain is the most relaxing album to date


Six albums spanning 13 years, each one of them taking the band in a different direction and simultaneously sparking debate among their fans. Arctic Monkeys, it would seem, are the band that refuse to stand still in an industry that attempts to squeeze every last penny out of a fashionable movement. Arctic Monkeys, though, have moved on to the next sound before anybody else has even caught up.

While the band are coined as being the benefactors of the ‘DIY online’ music scene, becoming one of the first bands to come to public attention via the Internet, their sound has matured in tandem with their lives around them. From 2016’s breakthrough indie steamroller Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not right up to their most recent, sci-fi infused Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino which was released last year, Arctic Monkeys have picked up a fanbase that is ever-eclectic.

Of that fanbase, the endless debate about the Monkeys’ best album will turn even the most passionate of Sheffield local blue in the face. Some prefer the heavier sounds of Humbug, others prefer the pop and R&B elements of AM. The ever-present factor that keeps them together, however, is Turner’s wistful and poetic lyrics.

With no ‘Greatest Hits’ album in sight (and rightly so), one particular Arctic Monkeys fan has decided to step up to provide and alternative take on some slower, easier listening tracks from the band’s extensive back catalogue. Slowing it down even further, the four mixtapes have been played with the sound of light rain playing in the background.

Here, we explore the offering.

Part 1

“I am a romantic fool, no doubt about that.”


00:00 – Love is a Laserquest
2:21 – Cornerstone
5:35 – I Wanna Be Yours
8:12 – Only One Who Knows
10:32 – No.1 Party Anthem

Part 2

“I know my lyrics might be weird to some, but they’re not like that to me because I know where they come from – I know the secret.”


00:00 – Mardy Bum
2:57 – Secret Door
6:44 – Dance Little Liar
9:55 – Suck It and See
13:13 – No Buses
16:15 – Riot Van

Part 3

“There’s something to be said for writing in the morning. At other points in the day, you’re a bit more defensive.”


00:03 – Piledriver Waltz
02:48 – Mad Sounds
05:46 – It’s Hard To Get Around The Wind
09:03 – Too Much To Ask
12:12 – Fluorescent Adolescent
15:06 – Fire and the Thud
18:23 – Star Treatment
23:15 – American Sports
26:02 – Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino

Part 4

“Rock n’ roll seems like it’s faded away sometimes, but it will never die.”


0:09 – Hiding Tonight
3:17 – Glass in the Park
7:15 – Reckless Serenade
9:44 – The Bakery
12:01 – Crying Lightning
15:25 – Feels Like We Only Go Backwards