(Credit: Zackery Michael)


Watch Arctic Monkeys cover The White Stripes song 'The Union Forever'


With the idea of live music nothing but a hopeful pipe dream during the currant climate, we’re dipping back into the Far Out archives to keep us entertained.

No longer can we spend our weekends at live music concerts as strict social distancing measures continue to wreak havoc within the music industry. With cancelled music festivals, postponed live tours and delayed album releases, it is time to add a hint of nostalgia to our lives.

While many artists are attempting to take their live efforts to the world of online streaming, we are turning our attention to archival footage to fill our music fix. We’re stepping back in the Far Out vault to revisit the moment Arctic Monkeys put their own spin some classic material from the White Stripes.

Alex Turner and the Arctic Monkeys continued their indie love in as they took to the Detroit stage as part of their sold-out headline tour dates. They chose the motor-city performance to pay homage to one of their heroes, The White Stripes, covering the band’s ‘The Union Forever’.

“We’re gonna do a little White Blood Cells for Detroit,” Alex Turner said, introducing the 2001 song. The cover is a lovely niche of brilliant songs as it not only pays tribute to the original but clearly has the ‘AM’ stamp all over it.

The special tribute rendition arrived as no surprise with the boys from Sheffield also paying lip-service to one of their other favourite bands The Strokes during a gig in New York shortly prior to its moment. The band were on tour across the US showcasing their LP Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

You can watch the song through fan , below.