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(Credit: Steven Anthony)

Arctic Monkeys release new song 'Anyways'

Arctic Monkeys have today released a brand new croon in the shape of ‘Anyways’. The B-side to their 7″ release of Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino, taken from the album released earlier this year of the same name, the song is our Track of the Day.

The song lands with a now-knowing thump of Alex Turner landing atop his piano with a smokey whiskey in hand and a throat warble to his crooning vocal. “Just another microcosm somewhere in the ether, putting a world to rights with Bing Crosby eyes,” sings turner with all the swagger of a man who owns a silk dressing gown.

The song continues the style of album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino which has seen Turner and Co. continue their trajectory from a bunch of Sheffield lads up for a night out and a kebab to huge super-stardom. ‘Anyways’, as I’m sure was its directive, sounds like lounge music for the moon and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Take a listen below.